16 Mar 2023| Birmingham

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Thursday 16th March 2023 | Birmingham
in partnership with the FDA

Now in its thirteenth year, the annual Women into Leadership conferences have established themselves as the key events for all those interested in seeing leadership opportunities for women enhanced. Women into Leadership 2023 will examine how female leaders, at any grade, can enhance their skills to become the leader they aspire to be.

This year's conferences will draw on feedback from previous Women into Leadership events, as well as discussions that took place at this years’ planning meeting. The conferences will offer hands-on advice and coaching on how to further develop your career in times of change. You will hear from inspirational women of all grades and levels, within and outside the Civil Service. You’ll discuss together how you can manage the challenges of modern leadership and help ensure the Civil Service doesn’t lose momentum in recognising and rewarding female leaders.

The benefits of attending Women into Leadership include the opportunity to:

  • Examine the barriers currently facing female leaders (and future leaders) in the Civil Service and hear how to overcome them
  • Hear from a diverse range of Senior Civil Servants, as well as inspirational leaders from outside of the Civil Service
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the skills, qualities and attributes needed to be a successful leader
  • Design your own breakout session schedule, based on your own needs and aspirations
  • Learn how to be an effective leader
  • Network with peers and counterparts from across Government who are also contemplating furthering their career in the Civil Service

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Chair's welcome and Introduction

CHAIR: Vicky Johnson, Former President, FDA


Director General Opening Address

Leading and learning through adversity: providing confident and empowering leadership in challenging times

SPEAKER: Myrtle Lloyd, Director General of Customer Services Group, HMRC


Transition to breakout sessions


Breakout session A

Introversion in Leadership: unleashing your quiet power

SPEAKER: Carol Stewart, Leadership Coach, Abounding Solutions


Breakout session B

Preparing for your next role: are you ready for a promotion?

SPEAKER: Richard Hillsdon, Dods Events Trainer


Breakout session C

Reclaiming your Space: tools for success in a hybrid working environment.

SPEAKER: Cath Baxter, Professional Voice and Public Speaking Consultant & former Head of Voice, Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts


Comfort Break


Morning Plenary Address

Authentic and courageous leadership: using challenges and triumphs to power success

SPEAKER: Keela Shackell-Smith, Inclusion Lead, Food Standards Agency


Transition to breakout sessions


Breakout session D

How to be a Successful Line Manager: the traits and tools you can embrace to enhance your personal leadership style

SPEAKER: Lucille Thirlby, Assistant General Secretary, FDA


Breakout session E

Getting through the Sift and the Interview: understanding what influences the selectors

SPEAKER: Richard Hillsdon, Dods Events Trainer


Breakout session F

Speaking so that others listen: key tools for impactful communication

SPEAKER: Cath Baxter, Professional Voice and Public Speaking Consultant & former Head of Voice, Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts




Afternoon Plenary Address

Leadership starts with you: leadership as a choice, not a position

SPEAKER: Bernadette Thompson, Associate Director of Inclusion, Barts Health NHS Trust


Closing address:

Leadership in action: lifting others as you climb

SPEAKER: Erika Rushton, Director, Creative Economist


Chair's closing address

CHAIR: Vicky Johnson, Former President, FDA


Vicky Johnson
Former President, FDA
Myrtle Lloyd
Director General of Customer Services Group, HMRC
Carol Stewart
Leadership Coach, Abounding Solutions
Richard Hillsdon
Dods Trainer
Cath Baxter
Professional Voice and Public Speaking Consultant & former Head of Voice, Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts
Keela Shackell-Smith
Inclusion Lead, Food Standards Agency
Lucille Thirlby
Assistant General Secretary, FDA
Bernadette Thompson
Associate Director of Inclusion, Barts Health NHS Trust
Erika Rushton
Director, Creative Economist