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The momentum for greater diversity and inclusion in the workplace is building, yet actual progress remains slow. Our Diversity & Inclusion Portfolio is a unique experience-sharing platform designed to champion diversity and accelerate inclusion across the UK.

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Diversity & Inclusion Portfolio

Why Us

  • Experience

    Over 6 years as a leading Diversity & Inclusion event provider, offering clients high quality specialist training on a wide range of topics across many areas

  • Quality

    Network of over 250 speakers and trainers who are all subject matter experts, working hand in hand with us to deliver the right event for your workforce

  • Flexibility

    The ability to design and develop a diverse range of events and programmes across the country on topical Diversity & Inclusion areas and issues

  • Heritage

    Connect and communicate with senior government and public sector stakeholders and attendees at our events. Our unmatched network and knowledge means we deliver meaningful engagements that make a difference

  • Consultancy

    Asking the right questions to understand what your sector needs for Diversity & Inclusion training purposes

  • Expertise

    A background of specialising in areas including policy-making, communications, leadership, governance and media handling

Dods Events

Events across the UK
Delegates throughout the year
Expert speakers and trainers
New attendees in 2022
  • Bristol City Council
  • Google
  • Natural History Museum
  • London Fire Brigade

Latest News

25 Sep 2023
National Inclusion Week: Seven actions to make an impact
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14 Sep 2023
Transforming challenges into opportunities
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25 Aug 2023
Empathic and inclusive leadership is key to helping staff navigate the menopause transition in the workplace
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What our attendees say

  • “Excellent as ever! Goes far beyond leadership and development offered by other courses. In a department where “leadership” is judged by military models, this is a much needed reminder that there are other ways to lead and that’s okay!”

    Policy Desk Officer, MOD

  • "This event has been one of the best days of development time I have given myself in a very long time. A valuable experience"

    Deputy Director, Value Wales, Welsh Government


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