02 Mar 2023| London

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Wednesday, Thursday 2nd March 2023 | In-Person
in partnership with Public Finance by Women

Despite significant progress in recent years, gender leadership gaps in the traditionally male-dominated field of finance persist. Visible and invisible barriers continue to hold women back. Furthermore, there is a marked lack of data and support addressing the specific circumstances of women working in public finance.

The unique ‘Women in Public Finance’ conference seeks to address this gap. Bringing together current and future leaders from across public finance, this conference examines the role of women in the sector and current challenges to leadership. Over the course of the day, senior leaders will offer guidance, coaching and inspiration on further developing your career, reaching empowerment and fulfilling your potential.

The full agenda can be found here.

Why attend?
  • Examine the barriers currently facing female leaders (and future leaders) in public finance and hear how to overcome them
  • Understand when and how gender plays a role in both organisational and personal advancement
  • Learn how successful women negotiate for what they need to be effective leaders
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the skills, qualities and attributes needed to be a successful leader
  • Raise the visibility of women as senior leaders in public finance
  • Create a lasting network of women leaders across the sector who are effecting change in public finance
  • Receive video recordings of all sessions after the event
Who should attend?

The Women in Public Finance conference is aimed at all those who aspire to move into a leadership role or those already in a senior role looking to progress. Presentations and workshops offer practical advice and coaching relevant to all women across the public finance sector.


Registrations for the Women in Public Finance conference can be made here.