28 Feb 2024| London

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Women in Local Government

Wednesday, 28th February 2024 | London

Despite making up 78% of the local government workforce, women account for only 17% of local authority leaders and 33% of council chief executives – statistics which have hardly changed for a decade. Meanwhile, following the 2019 council elections, just 35% of councillors are female, further representing lack of meaningful progress for women in Local Government. In the context of constitutional change and devolution, it is more important than ever that leadership teams in local government are fully representative of the populations they serve.

Following hugely successful events in London, Manchester and online over the past two years, Women in Local Government returns in 2023 to offer practical advice and coaching on how to address the barriers affecting your progression and further develop your career in times of change.

Why attend?

  • Identify the unique leadership challenges and opportunities facing women in local government today
  • Learn how successful women negotiate for what they need to be effective leaders
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the skills, qualities and attributes needed to be a successful leader
  • Raise the visibility of women as senior leaders in local government
  • Create a lasting network of women leaders who are effecting change across local government

Chair’s opening address: Examining the current landscape for women in local government leadership  

  • Understanding why women are underrepresented in senior positions  
  • Outlining the cultural and practical obstacles to career progression  


Addressing key barriers and enablers for women’s career progression   

  • Leveraging strengths and tapping into the right resources  
  • Negotiating for what you need to progress your career  
  • Flexible working: identifying strategies to create the balance you require  
  • Seeking out mentorship and sponsorship opportunities  

SPEAKER: Helen Jenkins, Head of Leadership, Local Government Association


Interactive session

Dispelling imposter syndrome to fulfil your full potential  

  • The confidence gap: reframing perceptions of capability  
  • Acknowledging strengths and achievements to maintain a positive internal dialogue  
  • Defining your career goals and visualising success  
  • Finding the courage to lead authentically  



Communicating with confidence: Laying the groundwork to communicate with impact   

  •   Top tips for delivering your message succinctly and confidently  
  • Managing adrenaline to think clearly under pressure  
  • Structuring your meetings and preparatory work for maximum effect  

Managing difficult conversations: Giving and receiving effective feedback in challenging situations  

  • Personal and external barriers that can prevent successful discussions  
  • Taking a problem-solving approach to gain positive results  
  • Holding difficult conversations with confidence  
  • Key tips and strategies for successfully giving and receiving feedback   



Menopause in the Workplace: Seeking support and conducting sensitive conversations   

  • Seeking appropriate support and accessing organisational resources   
  • Asking for required workplace changes or adjustments    
  • Your role in managing and supporting colleagues with menopausal symptoms  


Learning together: Fostering outstanding global practice and advancing your leadership 

  • Exploring global leadership challenges, collaborative learning opportunities and adopting best practice  

Leading a change in culture: where do we go from here?   

  • Raising the visibility of women as leaders in local government  
  • Dispelling expectations around traditional leadership paths and behaviours  
  • The importance of lifting others as you climb  

Chair’s closing remarks