18 May 2021| London

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Tuesday, 18th May 2021 | London

Black, Asian & Ethnic Minority staff are over-qualified and underpromoted in workplaces across the UK. Consequently, neither organisations nor individuals are achieving their potential, with a cost of up to £24bn per annum for the UK economy.

With organisations being pushed to publish their ethnicity pay gap data, it is time to start addressing the disparities that exist in our workplaces.

There are numerous steps you must be taking to tackle race inequality and secure the benefits of diversity for your colleagues and organisation alike.  

Join us for ‘Race to Equality: Supporting BAME Colleagues in the Workplace’ to receive crucial expert guidance on how to foster a more representative workforce and create positive culture change at all levels of your organisation.

Note: We particularly encourage attendance from professionals who do not identify as Black or Asian or Ethnic Minority. The day offers a space for constructive and open discussion, and an opportunity to explore your role in enacting change.

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Why attend? 
  • Learn how to remove the barriers to Black, Asian & Ethnic Minority employees' employment and progression in your workplace
  • Bring new, innovative ideas around supporting Black, Asian & Ethnic Minority colleagues back to your organisation, with the insight needed to put them into practice 
  • Hear from leading figures about fostering Black, Asian & Ethnic Minority employees' skills and potential 
  • Earn a CPD certificate for your personal progression
  • Enjoy an opportunity to network with expert speakers and fellow colleagues 
Who should attend? 

Anyone with an interest in supporting their Black, Asian & Ethnic Minority employees, including: employers; HR managers/officers; wellbeing officers; line managers; health & safety officers; consultants; health services providers; trade unions and representative groups.

Speakers include:

  • Rob Neil OBE, Civil Servant and Inclusion Consultant, Krystal Alliance

Public Sector rate: 1 Place £295 (+VAT) | 4+ Places £250 each (+VAT)
Corporate rate: 1 Place £595 (+VAT)
Charity rate: 1 Place £245 (+VAT)

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Chair’s Welcoming Address

CHAIR: Rob Neil OBE, Civil Servant and Inclusion Consultant, Krystal Alliance

Opening Address:
Race in the Workplace: interpreting the 2020 landscape
Race to Equality: adapting workplace practice to support Black, Asian & Ethnic Minority staff 
  • Guidance on change: analysing your organisational practice and procedure
  • Embedding a culture and ethos of compassion and trust
  • The role of wellbeing in workplace productivity
Networking Break
Lightning Session: Addressing the Ethnicity Pay Gap
  • Understanding the implications of the ethnicity pay gap for business
  • Gathering data: encouraging disclosure and participation amongst staff
  • Interrogating the usefulness of the 'BAME' label
‘Good Diversity’ Workshop:
Achieving best practice in the recruitment and development of BAME staff
  • Targeting Black, Asian & Ethnic Minority talent at recruitment stage
  • Positive action: understanding its correct use and when it is appropriate
  • Tackling the under-utilisation of skills to realise Black, Asian & Ethnic Minority representation at all levels
Panel Discussion:
Thinking inclusively: considerations in realising culture change
  • ‘I contain multitudes’: understanding the role of intersectionality in providing effective support
  • The trickle-down effect: securing senior buy-in and endorsement
  • Creating community by encouraging networks, allies and senior sponsors
  • Religion and belief: fostering a faith-friendly culture
Closing Keynote:
United We Stand: belonging as key to effective and holistic culture change
Chair’s Closing Remarks

CHAIR: Rob Neil OBE, Civil Servant and Inclusion Consultant, Krystal Alliance

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