13 Oct 2020| Online

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Tuesday, 13th October 2020 | Online

A motivated and productive workforce is a crucial asset for every organisation. Engaged employees can spell the difference between success and failure, especially in times of economic uncertainty and upheaval.  

For optimal organisational and individual resilience, employers must take crucial steps to support their staff wellbeing and mental health.

Indeed, research has found that employees who feel cared for by their organisation are nine times more likely to stay at their company long-term, four times less likely to suffer from stress and burnout, and twice as likely to be engaged at work.

Our upcoming ‘Organisational Resilience: Supporting Staff Wellbeing to Accelerate Productivity’ event will provide you with the practical advice and actionable insight needed to comprehensively address staff wellbeing, engagement and mental health at work, boosting positive results for staff and organisations alike. 

Please note that video recordings of each session will be made available to delegates in the days following the event. 

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Key Speakers:
  • Emma Gage, Wellbeing Campaign Manager, BITC
  • Rachel Suff, Senior Policy Advisor, CIPD
  • Bernadette Thompson, Deputy Director, MHCLG; Co-Chair, Race to the Top 6/7 Network
Why attend? 
  • Learn how to boost employee engagement in your organisation 
  • Bring new, innovative ideas about ensuring staff wellbeing is supported back to your organisation, with the insight needed to put them into practice 
  • Hear from leading figures in how to adapt workplace policy and practice to support staff wellbeing
  • Earn a CPD certificate for your personal progression
  • Enjoy an opportunity to network with expert speakers and fellow colleagues 
Who should attend? 

Anyone with an interest in supporting employee wellbeing, including: employers; HR managers/officers; wellbeing officers; senior managers; consultants; line managers; trade unions, staff network leads and representative groups.


Public Sector rate: 1 Place £195 (+VAT) | 4+ Places £150 each (+VAT)
Corporate rate: 1 Place £395 (+VAT)
Charity rate: 1 Place £145 (+VAT)

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Please find the full agenda below:

Welcoming Session

Grace McLoughlin, Diversity and Inclusion Manager, Dods PLC

Chair’s introduction 
Putting your people first: a people-centred strategy for business success
  • How wellbeing, employee engagement and productivity interconnect
  • Examining the different facets of wellbeing, from mental to physical to financial health
  • Employee wellbeing surveys: crucial sources of information in promoting engagement and productivity

SPEAKER: Emma Gage, Wellbeing Campaign Manager, BITC

Managing wellbeing in times of crisis or change
  • Change management: communicating change sensitively and clearly
  • Managing staff communications when only partial information is available
  • Creating and encouraging open channels for dialogue with staff
Comfort Break
Mental health matters: building a toolkit for supporting mental health at work
  • The importance of developing a mental health strategy that encompasses both prevention and recovery
  • Encouraging the sharing of mental health concerns and conditions
  • Supporting mental health from afar: conducting check-ins and encouraging staff to reach out
  • Key components of mental health strategies
Reflecting on the unprecedented: incorporating key lessons to support effective home working
  • The shift to home-working: core considerations, challenges and solutions
  • Supporting staff working in a variety of home circumstances
  • Integrating people strategy and business strategy for optimal results
Break for Lunch
Lightning session: Financial wellbeing: a new frontier and crucial consideration

SPEAKER: Rachel Suff, Senior Policy Advisor, CIPD

Case study: developing a people-centred organisational culture and mindset
  • People power: engaging champions, networks and peer mentoring systems
  • Raising awareness and normalising discussions around wellbeing at all levels of your organisation
  • Advocating work-life balance and eradicating presenteeism
  • Ensuring staff wellbeing is always on the workplace agenda

SPEAKER: Bernadette Thompson, Deputy Director, MHCLG; Co-Chair, Race to the Top 6/7 Network

Chair's Closing Remarks
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