04 Nov 2021| Online

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Thursday, 4th November 2021 | Online

Conversations around diversity and inclusive behaviours have changed radically over the past months and years, altering business agendas as well as consumer and staff expectations as a result. Organisations must get serious about advancing positive change if they are to attract the best talent, ensure that their staff can achieve their potential and protect their reputations for good business practice.

With this in mind, Dods D&I is offering a practical, immersive and comprehensive training day to enable you to ensure that inclusion is consciously fostered and unconscious bias is overcome in your organisation. 

This event takes a systemic rather than an individual approach to fostering conscious inclusion and addressing unconscious bias. Over the course of the day, expert speakers will guide you in interrogating how to examine and overhaul your recruitment and reward processes and organisational culture to ensure that all employees have an equal opportunity to flourish. Ultimately, you will come away with the tools and knowledge you need to create the necessary conditions for conscious inclusion in your organisation's culture, processes and practice. 

Please note that video recordings of each session will be made available to delegates in the days following the event. 

Please click here to view the agenda.
Speakers include:
  • Rob Neil OBE, Director, Krystal Alliance & Former Civil Servant 
  • Delia Mensitieri, Diversity and Inclusion Researcher, Ghent University; Corporate trainer and coach
  • Teresa Norman, founder and CEO, TogetherintheUK
  • Dr Sandra Upton, VP, Global Diversity Practice, Cultural Intelligence Center
  • Gamiel Yafai, Managing Director, Diversity Marketplace
  • Tia Priest, Head of Diversity & Inclusion, Department for International Trade
Why attend? 
  • Learn how to address unconscious bias in your organisational culture and your recruitment and progression practices
  • Bring new, innovative ideas about addressing bias and barriers to diverse employees back to your organisation, with the insight needed to put them into practice 
  • Hear from leading figures in how to adapt workplace policy and practice to enable current and prospective staff to thrive
  • Receive on-demand video recordings of all sessions for your reference after the event
Who should attend? 

Anyone with an interest in fostering conscious inclusion in their workplace, including: employers; HR managers/officers; wellbeing officers; senior managers; consultants; line managers; trade unions, staff network leads and representative groups.


Public Sector rate: 1 Place £195 (+VAT) | 4+ Places £150 each (+VAT)
Corporate rate: 1 Place £395 (+VAT)
Charity rate: 1 Place £145 (+VAT)

Registrations can be made online here.

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Please find the full agenda below:

Welcome from Dods D&I

Kiren Kaur, Diversity & Inclusion Manager, Dods D&I

Chair's Opening Remarks

CHAIR: Rob Neil OBE, Director, Krystal Alliance & Former Civil Servant 

Beyond unconscious bias: taking a systemic approach to tackling bias and removing barriers
  • The business case for championing diversity, tackling bias, and advancing inclusion at work

  • Understanding Duty of Care and Equality Act responsibilities

  • Understanding how bias can become embedded in workplace structures and cultures

  • Key considerations and actions to take

SPEAKER: Delia Mensitieri, Diversity and Inclusion Researcher, Ghent University; Corporate trainer and coach

Comfort Break
Redesigning your recruitment, progression and rewards processes to ensure equal opportunities for all
  • Using data to support constructive change and create accountability

  • Recruiting for success: training interviewers, amending processes and understanding where positive discrimination is appropriate

  • Progression and rewards: ensuring equity and impartiality is achieved

SPEAKER: Teresa Norman, founder and CEO, TogetherintheUK

Comfort Break
Cultural Intelligence: A path to culture change
  • Understanding and defining cultural intelligence

  • Equipping yourself and your organisation with the tools to think differently and increase engagement

  • Instilling an organisational culture of curiosity, respect, and understanding

SPEAKER: Dr Sandra Upton, VP, Global Diversity Practice, Cultural Intelligence Center

Break for Lunch
Panel Discussion
Creating a shared culture of belonging where everyone can thrive
  • Educating staff to embed inclusivity and respect for difference into your organisational DNA

  • What is microbehaviour? Understanding and addressing behaviours that can marginalise colleagues

  • Beyond by-standing: Instilling and 'upstander' ethos in your team

  • Securing buy-in into the benefits of diversity, equity and inclusion at all levels

SPEAKER: Gamiel Yafai, Managing Director, Diversity Marketplace

SPEAKER: Tia Priest, Head of Diversity & Inclusion, Department for International Trade

Chair's Closing Remarks

CHAIR: Rob Neil OBE, Director of Krystal Alliance & Former Civil Servant 

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