Mental Health Awareness Week | Acts of Kindness: A Toolkit for Managing Mental Health

Fri 22 May 2020

Mental Health Awareness Week | Acts of Kindness: A Toolkit for Managing Mental Health

Mental Health Awareness Week and its theme of 'kindness' are imbued with particular resonance this year, as the COVID-19 crisis places a widespread strain on mental health. In the midst of lockdown, and economic and social uncertainty, it has never been more important that we practice kindness and compassion with one another, and with ourselves.

Mental health is the third most significant cause of absence in UK workplaces, affecting one in four adults in the UK. The specific challenges vary from person to person, and circumstance to circumstance. In this current crisis, those with pre-existing mental health issues may be particularly affected, whilst some people may experience poor mental health for the first times in their lives. 

With this in mind, Dods D&I have reached out to several of our most knowledgeable speakers, who have kindly shared advice on how to protect your mental wellbeing and support that of others. In the below agenda you will discover videos providing actionable insight on topics ranging from fostering resilience and compassion, to practicing active listening, and supporting staff who are working in different contexts or suffering with their mental health.

Read our reflections on the theme of kindness and the key findings of this event here -- Choose Kindness: Mental Health Awareness Week Round-Up. 


Session 1: Supporting Staff in Different Contexts

SPEAKER: Drew Baxter-Gibson, Wellbeing Lead at Santander UK

Drew provides guidance and insight for supporting staff wellbeing and mental health as they work remotely in a variety of different contexts.

Session 2: Fostering Resilience

SPEAKER: Susie Ramroop, Mindset Coach, Make Life Simple

Susie addresses the concept of 'resilience', which is fundamental to mental wellbeing: what it is, and how to nurture it in ourselves and others.

Session 3: Managing an Employee with Mental Ill-Health

SPEAKER: Leatham Green, Chief Executive of the Mindful HR Centre and PPMA Executive Director

Leatham provides guidance and advice for managing and supporting a staff member who is suffering with their mental health.

Session 4: Bolstering Staff Mental Wellbeing & Active Listening

SPEAKER: Emma Mamo, Head of Workplace Wellbeing at Mind Charity

Emma shares practical advice for people managers on supporting mental wellbeing of their staff and practising active listening.

Session 5: Compassion and Kindness at Work

SPEAKER: Tony Vickers-Byrne, member of the National Forum for Health and Wellbeing at Work and retired Chief Advisor for HR Practice, CIPD

In this clip, Tony explains the role which kindness and compassion have in effective people management and supporting staff wellbeing.


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Our full day 'Supporting Mental Health in the Workplace' event will take place in London on Thursday, 12th November 2020, and in Manchester on Thursday, 21st January 2021. For full details and to register your place, click here.

Our 'Wellbeing at Work: Enhancing Employee Engagement and Productivity' event will take place on Wednesday, 4th November. For full details and to register your place, click here.

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