Flagship personal development conference rebrands Ethnic Minorities into Leadership

Thu 23 Jun 2022

Flagship personal development conference rebrands Ethnic Minorities into Leadership

Dods and civil service trade union FDA have announced that from now on, their flagship personal development conference for ethnic minorities will be known as Ethnic Minorities into Leadership.

"How we talk about race and ethnicity matters. As organisations, Dods and the FDA are committed to avoiding the use of the term BAME, which is no longer helpful nor inclusive," the organisations said in a joint statement.

Ethnic Minorites into Leadership enters the event calendar with upcoming conferences in Leeds (6 July) and London (20 October).

Sessions at Ethnic Minorites into Leadership built on the experience gained in the past 11 years the event has been running and are focused on empowering and enhancing the capabilities and leadership opportunities of ethnic minority staff.

"We hope all in attendance will be given the insight needed to develop solutions that address the more persistent challenges and barriers faced by different ethnic groups," the organisations explained.

Dods and FDA explained that ethnic minorities will be the term used where it is necessary to group together people from different ethnic minority backgrounds. Otherwise, speakers and trainers at the conferences will be using the specific ethnic classifications of the Census.

"We are excited to welcome delegates to upcoming events in 2022 onwards and hope this change will encourage more responsible and accurate conversations on race-related issues moving forwards," the organisations concluded.

Visit the dedicated website at https://www.emintoleadership.co.uk for more information and to book your place in the upcoming events.

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