Dods D&I Annual Conference | Virtual Event Platform - Glisser

Wed 23 Jun 2021

Dods D&I Annual Conference | Virtual Event Platform - Glisser


Glisser is a virtual event-hosting platform with an integrated audience response system. Via Glisser, we will stream the sessions directly to you, present slides and allow you to interact with speakers. Please see below for more information.

Top tips for using Glisser:
  1. Prior to the event, we will send you a link which will allow you to access the Glisser platform.
  2. The link will be live 1 week ahead of the conference. We strongly recommend logging on early to familiarise yourself with the platform and to take advantage of all the support materials. To minimise any last-minute issues on the morning of the event, please log into Glisser at least a day before the event to ensure that you can access the platform without difficulty.
  3. If, for security reasons, access to Glisser is restricted on your work device, please join the event via a personal device or contact your IT department.
  4. If you are experience difficulties with streaming on the day, we would advise trying a different web browser to log onto the platform.
  5. For the best online experience possible, we highly recommend using Google Chrome. Similarly, watching the event on a desktop or laptop rather than a mobile device is advisable.
  6. We recommend refreshing your Glisser browser page at the end of each session and when you have navigated away from the Glisser window in your browser.
Navigating Glisser
  1. Any ongoing live sessions will appear under the 'On Now' tab. This tab will remain empty when no sessions are under way.
  2. Under the 'Agenda' tab, you can explore where and when sessions will take place on the event days.
  3. Within each session, there will be a series of tabs on the right-hand side that will give you the opportunity to participate in Q&A and polls, explore the social media feed and view slides.
  4. The 'On Demand' tab houses supporting materials such as the event brochure and information from our partner, as well as a range of skills and sessions to supplement your professional development.
  5. The on-demand skills sessions are available from the time that the Glisser platform goes live. They will remaining accessible during the event and for several weeks following the event.

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