Dods D&I stands in solidarity with those facing racial inequality

Wed 03 Jun 2020

Dods D&I stands in solidarity with those facing racial inequality

We at Dods D&I stand in solidarity with all who suffer inequality, and in this current moment of upheaval, particularly with those of us who are suffering as a result of racial inequality.

The world looks very different from how it did a couple of months ago. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused widespread tumult in our individual and collective lives. The effects and costs of this upset has been unequal, however. The negative impact on health, income and wellbeing has been disproportionately felt by BAME members of our community. The findings of Public Health England’s report, released yesterday, cast these disparities into sharp relief.

The tragic killing of George Floyd in the United States ten days ago was traumatic for many of us to witness, but most especially for those of us who have felt the impact of racism firsthand. The subsequent demonstrations have highlighted just how widespread the experience of racial injustice is.

It is crucial that we, each of us, take this moment both for reflection and for action. We, all of us, must recommit ourselves to the cause of equality and inclusion in our communities and workplaces. We must continue to educate ourselves in recognising and countering bias and inequality where it exists. Ensuring that opportunity, inclusion, belonging, and respect are extended to all must be our collective mission; the responsibility for realising this change must not fall to those of us experiencing disadvantage alone.

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